Sunday, January 6, 2013

1-6-2013 The First show of 2013

BIG UP!! Give Thanks to all the people who called in to let me know they were listening.  This episode is livicated entirely to the live listeners.  You guys are what keep me going sometimes


Scientist "Baltimore Dub"
FreeSound "Sweet Sensi"
Ankh Watep "Out of Control" Talkin Roots - Volume 1
SOJA "Bring Back Truth" Get Wiser
The Toyes "Smoke Two Joints"
Carlton Jackson "History"
Twinkle Brothers "One Head"
QQ "Same Seed"
Twinkle Brothers "Pattoo"
Tarrus Riley "Farmer's Anthem"
Fabulous Five "Ooh Wah" Countryman
Black Roots "Far Over" On the Frontline
John Brown's Body "Two Bulls"


Soldiers of Jah Army "Frienemy Dub" Get Wiser
The Wailing Souls "Foundation"
the Viceroys "We Must Unite"
Jackie Edwards "Take Me as I Am" Trojan Singles Box Set
"ooh Child" - I've had this song forever, but I don't know who sings this version, lol
John Holt "Love So Right"
Burning Spear "Happy Day"
The Conquerors "I Fell in Love"
"That's the time"- I don't know who sings this song either....
Tito Simon "You Can't Be Serious" Trojan Tighten Up Box Set
Leroy Smart "Jah Forgive them"
The Ethiopians "Knowledge is Power"
The Wailing Souls "Busnah"
The Heptones "Storm Cloud"
Bob Marley "Dance Do the Reggae"
Bob Marley "Gonna Get You"
Jacob Miller & Inner Circle "Curfew"


Lambsbread "Jah Love" Rise
Dezarie "Woe!" Talkin Roots- Volume 1
SOJA "Bleed Through" Born in Babylon
Marty Dread "It Sometimes Rains in Paradise" It Sometimes Rains in Paradise
Tarrus Riley "Don't Give Up" Challenges
Lion's Pride "Pushin You through"
Desmond "Losers Never Win"
Israel Vibration "Reggae Rock and Roll"
Lion's Pride "I'm Coming Home"
Lutan Fyah "Our Fathers Will"
I Wayne "Free the People"
Boom Shaka "Which Rebel"
Soldiers of Jah Army "Creeping in"
Beverly's All Stars "Double Shot"

Sunday, December 30, 2012

12-30-2012 The Last Show of 2012


Roots Radics "Teach Dem"
Lambsbread "Think Positive"
Chant "Iba" Talkin Roots
Groundation "Rock in Place" RockaMovya
The Twinkle Brothers "Gone Already"
Jalani "House of the Living" Talking Roots
Twinkle Brothers "Reveal in Revelation" Live at Maritime Hall in S.F.
Sizzla "Words of Divine" Praise Ye Jah
Don Carlos "Just Can't Stop" Just A Passing Glance
Israel Vibration "Cool And Calm"
Wailing Souls "Jah Give Us Life"
The Viceroys "Jah oh Jah"
Martin Campbell "Long Suffering" Hi Tech Roots Dynamics


The Viceroys "Promises Promises"
Beverly's All-Stars "Be Yours"
The Shadows "Brother Noah"
The Heptones "Why Did You Leave Me to Cry" Sweet Talking
The Dynamites "Rahtid"
The Kingstonians "I'll Need You Tomorrow"
The Heptones "Haven't You Any Fight Left?"
The Soul Sisters "Wreck A Buddy"
The Heptones "Through the Fire I Come" Deep in the Roots
Por Ti "Glasford Manning"
The Wailing Souls "You Please Me"
The Heptones "One A Dem Come"
The Congo's "Fisherman"
Chosen Few "Children of the Night"


Yah Shiloh I "The Truth"
Soldiers of Jah Army "Jah Atmosphere"
Tarrus Riley "The Other Half" Challenges
Peter Tosh "Bush Doctor"
Lutan Fyah "Do What You Gotta Do"
John Brown's Body "Superstar"
Sizzla "No Other Like Jah" Praise Ye Jah
Lutan Fyah "Stress Free"
Soldiers of Jah Army "Revolve"
Groundation "The Bounty"
The Lambsbread "Ask Why"
Sizzla ft. Tarrus Riley "Who's Gonna Save Us"
I Wayne "Book of Life"
Dry & Heavy "Kombu"

Sunday, December 23, 2012

12-23-2012 We Survived the Apocalypse


It's another Sunday morning, and it looks like the zombies never arrived to announce the apocalypse.


Israel Vibration "Dubbing in the Rio"
Black Roots "Signs & Wonders"
Groundation "Jah Rastafari"
Martin Campbell "The Way" Hi Tech Roots Dynamics
Black Uhuru "World is Africa"
Tarrus Riley "Family ft. Della Manley" Parables
Tarrus Riley "My Baby (Cyan Sleep)" Parables
Damian Jr. Gong Marley "So Much Trouble" Mr. Marley
Soldiers of Jah Army "Forgive, Don't Forget" Peace in A Time of War
the Lambsbread "Inity" Rise
Ras Mikey "Ancient of Days"
John Brown's Body "Ghost Notes"
I Wayne "Life Seeds" Lava Ground


Barrington Levy "Robin Hood"
Delroy Wilson "Feel the Spirit"
The Ethiopians "Fire A Muss Muss Tail"
The Heptones "My Baby is Gone"
John Holt "Never Never Never"
Marcia Griffiths "Baby Oh Baby"
John Holt "I'll Be Lonely"
Marcia Griffiths "I Cried"
John Holt "Anywhere (Extended Mix)"
Peter Tosh "Here Comes the Sun" the Millenium Collection
The Heptones "Make up Your Mind"
Dennis Brown "The Half"
Cornell Campbell "Fight Against Corruption"
Delroy Wilson "It's the Same Old Song"
Johnny Osbourne "Luanda" Truth and Rights
Johnny Osbourne "Let Me In" Truth and Rights


Groundation "Coolin"
Peter Tosh "Free Ganja"
Butch Helemano & the Players of Instruments "Red Gold and Green"
Dennis Brown "Black Magic Woman"
Israel Vibration "Life is Real"
Jacob Miller "Lamb's Bread Collie"
Black Uhuru "Sistren"
The Congos "This Could Not Be Happening"
Dry & Heavy "Meditate Rocka"
Don Carlos "Pista 11"
Gregory Isaacs "These Are the Arms"
Sizzla Kalonji "Love Life"
Lutan Fyah "Teach us to Die"
Yellowman "still be a lady"
Jacob Miller "Jah Dread"

Thanks for tuning in today. Check out next weeks 6-Hour Marathon set starting at 3am Hawaii Time.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Another Sunday morning.  Special Birthday shoutouts to all of the December birthdays (Especially my little sister Katie, and my Homey Mike G.)  Shout outs to the international listeners tuning in this morning (Japan!!!)


Groundation "Picture on the wall" Hebron Gate
Twinkle Brothers "Free us Dub"
Twinkle Brothers "Watch the Hypocrites"
Morgan Heritage "Jah shall wash away all the tears"
Israel Vibration "Live in Jah Love"
Humble Soul "Unity Dub"
Mystic One "Forward With Jah Orthodox"
Tarrus Riley "One Two Order" Parables
Johnny Clarke "Enter into his gates with praise"
The Viceroy's "Rise in the Strength Jah"
The Ethiopians "Hail Brother Rasta Hail"
The Ethiopians "The Selah"
Dry & Heavy "Silent Drive" --> dedicated to Tattoo Adam and DJ XXXL (Hiro) listening in Japan


Dry & Heavy "Kick the Bong Around"
Dennis Brown "Freedom Fires"
Beres Hammond "Dark Clouds"
Gregory Isaacs "Intimate Potential"
Junior Kelly "What Would it Take" Reggae Hits Vol. 26
The Kingstonians "Fun Galore"
Joe White "I'm Gonna Get There"
Pat Rhoden "What About You"
Big Youth "Forman Versus Frasier"
The Melodians "Banana Water"
The Silvertones "Whoo Baby"
Honey Boy "Strange Thoughts"
Techniques All Stars "Eldora"
The Congos "Music is the Key"
Sanchez "Rosemarie"
Barrington Levy "Strange"


Easy Star All Stars "Time" Dub Side of the Moon
Butch Helemano & the players of instruments "Players of Instruments"
The Congo's "Praise H.I.M."
Cornell Campbell "Help them Jah Jah"
Dezarie "Strengthen Your Mind" Gracious Mama Africa
Peter Tosh "Pick Myself Up"
Gregory Isaacs "Closer than a friend"
Delroy Wilson "Run for your life"
Jacob Miller "Big Stripe"
Groundation "We Na Forget (Rome)"
Easy Star All Stars "Us and Them (Featuring Frankie Paul and Menny Moore)" Dub Side of the Moon
John Brown's Body "Many Names" This Day
Butch Helemano & the players of instruments "Promised Land (dub)"
Dubkoncious "My Love" At the Foot of the Mountain

That's all for today folks.... hope you all enjoyed the good vibez.  Until the next time

-Reverend Manny Dread

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Manny Dread on Dancehall Vybez

Aloha all, it was an honor to be a guest host on Dancehall Vybez tonight.


Lutan Fyah "Bits & Pieces"
Dennis Brown "Everybody's Talking at me"
Big Mountain "A Place in the sun ft. Fiji"
Boom Shaka "Smoke"
Butch Helemano "Money"
Junior Murvin "False Teaching" Police & Thieves
dry & heavy "Mr. Blueflame"
Black Uhuru "Big Spliff"
Barrington Levy "Under Mi Sensi"
Cornell Campbell "Rasta Come From Jail"
Jacob Miller "Mr. Officer"


Buju Banton "One to One"
I Wayne "Touch Her Softly"
Etana "Crazy Love"
Buju Banton "Tribal War"
Daweh Congo "Prophecy Reveal"
FreeSound "Children of Zion"

Niney the Observer "Look Pon Pussy"
Soulmates "Pussy Catch A Fire"
Prince Williams "Action Wood"
Max Romeo "Wet Dream"
the Gaylads "She Want It"
the Versatiles "Push it in"
Max Romeo "Play With Your Pussy"
Lee Perry & the Soulettes "Doctor Dick"
Stranger & Gladdy "How Your Pantie get wet"
Fab 5 "Shaving Cream"


Kardinal Offishall f/ Bounty Hunter "Run Away (Bubbler's Anthem)"
Sizzla Kalonji "Let's Make Love" Judgement Yard Mixtapes"
Sizzla "Dig it Out"
Bounty Killer "Eyes A Bleed (RZA Remix)"
Mims ft. Jr. Reid & Cham "This is why I'm hot (Khaki Suit Remix)"
Sean Paul & Spanner Banner "Ladies Man"
Frankie Paul "Sexy Thing"

Vybz Kartel meets Hip Hop

Djizzo "Bring me some cut remix"
Elan Atias "Slave to Love"
I-Octane "L.O.V.E. Y.O.U."
Kardinal Offishall "Hurricane"

Sunday, November 25, 2012

11-25-2012 Morgan Heritage Interview


Groundation "Golan to Galilee" Here I Am
Alpha Blondy "Dji"
Anthony B "Jah Alone"
(n)Ras Batch "Jah Children" Know Thyself(Grade Records)
Morgan Heritage "JAH Shall wash away all the tears"
(n) Jennifer Howland "Identity"
Augustus Pablo "Ozone Reversal"
Morgan Heritage & Friends "Mount Zion Medley"
(n)John Brown's Body "Chased By Lion's" JBB in Dub (Herbivore)
(n) Avion Blackman "No Regrets"
Augustus Pablo & Inner Circle "the big Rip Off" Forward Jah Jah Children
Mumia Abu Jamal "Brothers under the skin" The Mumia Abu Jamal Radio essays
Aswad "Invisible Sun ft. Sting" Roots Revival


Interview with Lukes from Morgan Heritage

(n)Morgan Heritage "The Return" The Return (VP Records)

Continued Interview

(n)Morgan Heritage "The Girl is Mine" The Return (VP Records)
(n)Christafari and Friends "Dub Awaits"
(n)Geneman "in the Morning"
(n) Dominic Balli "All We Need is Love"
Morgan Heritage "Plant Up di Herbs"
(n) Ras Batch "Give Jah Thanks for Life" Know Thyself(Grade Records)
(n) John Brown's Body "Wellington"


Slightly Stoopid "Top of the World" Top of the World (Stoopid Records)
(n) John Brown's Body "TKO" JBB in Dub (Herbivore)
Mumia Abu Jamal "Caging the Young" Mumia Abu Jamal's Radio Essays
(n) Ras Batch "Dem Against Jah Rules" Know Thyself (Grade Records)
John Brown's Body "The General's Ambush" JBB in Dub (Herbivore)
Mumia Abu Jamal "Tears of Sorrow and Rage" Mumia Abu Jamal's Radio Essays
(n) Ras Batch "Roots Tradition" Know Thyself (Grade Records)
John Brown's Body "Ring of Berlin" JBB in Dub (Herbivore)
Mumia Abu Jamal "The Teacher and the State" Mumia Abu Jamal's Radio Essays
(n)Ras Batch "Guns on the Street" Know Thyself (Grade Records)
(n) John Brown's Body "The Grass" JBB in Dub (Herbivore)
(n) Slightly Stoopid "Drink Professionally" Top of the World (Stoopid Records)
(n) Slightly Stoopid ft. Barrington Levy "Ur Love" Top of the World (Stoopid Records)
(n) Ras Batch "Stay Fit" Know Thyself (Grade Records)
(n) Ras Batch "Dem Wrong" Know Thyself (Grade Records)
(n) Ras Batch "Trees w/ NiyoRah" Know Thyself (Grade Records)
(n) Slightly Stoopid "Serious Man" Top of the World (Stoopid Records)
(n) Slightly Stoopid "Marijuana ft. Don Carlos"  Top of the World (Stoopid Records)


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Etana Interview


Black Roots "The Father" In the Frontline
the Congo's "God's Kingdom"
Black Uhuru "Leaving to Zion"
Barrington Levy "Sensimilla"
Boom Shaka "Praises to the King"
Breath of Fire "JAH's Way"
Bob Marley "I Know A Place"
Black Uhuru "Eden Out Deh"
Black Uhuru "Happiness"
Kali & Mr. 83 "Faith Living" Father Psalms
Groundation "Coolin" Rockamovya
Big Mountain "Make it Last Forever"
Dry & Heavy "Kick the Bong Around"


The Etana Interview

Etana "Warrior Love"
Etana "I'm Not Afraid"
Etana "Reggae"
Etana "Roots"
Etana & Alborosie "Blessing"
Buju Banton "Life is A Journey"
Butch Helemano "In the World"
Black Uhuru "Botanical Roots"
Delroy Wilson & Inner Circle "Cool Operator"


Peter Broggs "Just Can't Stop Praising Jah"
The Congo's "Don't Blame It on I"
Cornell Campbell "Concrete Jungle"
Don Carlos "Sweet Afrika"
Eek A Mouse "Physically Critically"
The Wailing Souls "Row Fisherman Row"
Dubphylum "Babylon the Business"
Tarrus Riley ft. DeMarco "Herbs Promotion"
Culture "Reggae Feeling"
Dry & Heavy "Radical Star"